How to fund Payoneer MasterCard

What is Payoneer?

With booming Internet access and major improvements to collaborative work tools, employers around the world are finding it much easier to outsource work than it used to be a few years back. However, payment, particularly for firms whose workers live in many different countries, remains a complex task.

Businesses typically use wire transfers or services like Western Union, MoneyGram or PayPal to issue payments, all of which can result in fees and/or complications. Printed checks aren’t a better solution as they require postage and a significant snail-mail delay time… As a matter of fact, these services were initially designed to be used on a person-to-person or person-to-business basis, and are inefficient when used for business-to-person payments.

Payoneer offers a convenient solution to this issue by allowing organizations to pay large numbers of workers around the world, efficiently and securely directly to their Prepaid MasterCard® cards, which avoids them the delays and heavy surcharges of more traditional methods mentioned above.

Payoneer is a privately-held start-up of Israeli origin founded in 2005. It now has its headquartered in New York and employs 55 people, including a team of experienced financial and technology professionals. Payoneer is backed by private and venture capital investors including Greylock Partners, Carmel Ventures, and Crossbar Capital and is a registered MSP with MasterCard.

As it is meant to offer businesses a better way to pay their workers, Payoneer cards are co-branded with the company’s name and logo. This means that depending on the company that you apply through; your card’s look will differ as Payoneer offers customized cards.

The Payoneer’s MasterCard Prepaid Reloadable Debit Card can be use to buy goods and services or withdraw money anywhere in the world where MasterCard Debit cards are accepted, this includes websites, ATMs and shops. As you can see, the cards offered by Payoneer are not credit cards as you cannot spend more than what you already have on your card.

How To Get A Payoneer Card For Free ?

Payoneer card is FREE! Payoneer has partnered with many online businesses to offer them the possibility to make mass payouts easier, faster and more convenient for them and those who will receive them. If you are not already making money from one of Payoneers many partners, you will have to start by signing up with one of them.

One of the easiest way to get your payoneer mastercard free and funding it is by signing up with AVAFX

Whats is AVAFX ?

Ava FX is dedicated to providing the FX trader with an online forex trading platform, with no compromise on integrity and fairness. Our state-of-the-art forex trading platform AvaTrader, is easy enough to be used by novice traders and yet it provides even the most sophisticated trader with all the necessary tools. please use this link to signup it is trusted and takes you to the secure page.

This is the first payoneer affilitate that have different business, this is a Forex Broker Company that allows you to deposit from PayPal, LibertyReserve, WebMoney, MoneyBookers, Credit Cards and Bank Transfer, Payoneer Card and Withdraw to Payoneer Card without any Fee!

Now you understand how it works! You deposit money using any processors to your AVAFX account then withdraw 100% the amout to your payoneer card! VIOLA you will get your Payoneer card funded and ready for all business!

Please note : The minimum deposit to your avafx account is 100 USD, you will receive a bonus of 50 USD as "welcome bonus" but you should withdraw only 100 USD .. NO TRADE ARE REQUIRED to withdraw!

Here are the step by step guide you need after signing up.

You can either apply for a new card from AVAFX or link your card link your Payoneer Card to your AVAFX account :

You will receive notification from payoneer that AVAFX is added as affilitate in your debit card, is instant

- Deposit Money to your AVAFX account :

The funding process can take 2 days please be patient!

- If your account get funded please go and upload your NATIONAL ID and any UTILITY BILL with your name : - UPDATE

- ASK AVAFX with livesupport before withdraw to payoneer card - UPDATE

- AVA requires 10 trades, just open 10 positions (with any price sell or buy)

- Request withdraw : .

- You will get your Payoneer card funded in within 5 Business days only the card fees are reduced from the amount!

Notes : Please don't use fake documents
Don't use hacked ecurrency account to fund your avafx account
Be patient! Its working!
ASK avafx + 10 trades needed to request withdrawal
AVAFX may call you if you make fake documents ..

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